Programming Language

Ranked in 2018, part of Computer Science

Since there is no single, universal programming language, mastering multiple languages is a vital component of earning your computer science degree. These are the top computer science schools for programming language training.

Rank School name
Overall Score:
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Cambridge, MA

Overall Score:
Carnegie Mellon University 

Pittsburgh, PA

Overall Score:
Stanford University 

Stanford, CA

Overall Score:
University of California—​Berkeley 

Berkeley, CA

Overall Score:
Cornell University 

Ithaca, NY

Overall Score:
University of Washington 

Seattle, WA

Overall Score:
University of Pennsylvania 

Philadelphia, PA

Overall Score:
University of Texas—​Austin 

Austin, TX

Overall Score:
University of Wisconsin—​Madison 

Madison, WI

Overall Score:
Princeton University 

Princeton, NJ

Overall Score:
University of Illinois—​Urbana-​Champaign 

Urbana, IL

Overall Score:
Northeastern University 

Boston, MA

Overall Score:
University of California—​San Diego 

La Jolla, CA

Overall Score:
Purdue University—​West Lafayette 

West Lafayette, IN

Overall Score:
Rice University 

Houston, TX

Overall Score:
Georgia Institute of Technology 

Atlanta, GA

Overall Score:
University of Maryland—​College Park 

College Park, MD

Overall Score:
Columbia University 

New York, NY

Overall Score:
Harvard University 

Cambridge, MA

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