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893 West Street, Amherst, MA 01002 | (413) 549-4600

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2018 Quick Stats

  • Tuition & Fees $50,238 (2016-17)
  • Room and Board $13,274 (2016-17)
  • Total Enrollment N/A
  • Application Deadline N/A

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Hampshire College is a private institution that was founded in 1965. Its tuition and fees are $50,238 (2016-17).

General Information

  • Private school type
  • 1965 year founded
  • N/A religious affiliation
  • N/A academic calendar
  • N/A setting
  • N/A 2016 endowment

School Mission and Unique Qualities

Content is provided by the school.


2018 Rankings

Hampshire College is ranked Unranked in National Liberal Arts Colleges. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

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Undergraduate Information


Interested in applying to Hampshire College? Scores for either the ACT or SAT test are due N/A. It is least selective, with an acceptance rate of 70 percent.

For more information about the tests, essays, interviews and admissions process, visit the Applying to College knowledge center.

Selectivity: Least selective 

Selectivity:  Least selective

Fall 2016 acceptance rate: 70% 

Fall 2016 acceptance rate:  70%

Application deadline: N/A 

Application deadline:  N/A

SAT/ACT scores must be received by: N/A 

SAT/ACT scores must be received by:  N/A

Priority application deadline:

Academic Life

The most popular majors at Hampshire College include: Information not available.

Class sizes :
Classes with fewer than 20 students
50 or more

Student-faculty ratio: N/A 

Student-faculty ratio:  N/A

4-year graduation rate: N/A 

4-year graduation rate:  N/A

Student Life

Student gender distribution: N/A 

Student gender distribution:  N/A

Total enrollment: N/A 

Total enrollment:  N/A

Collegiate athletic association: N/A 

Collegiate athletic association:  N/A

Full-time degree-seeking students:

Cost & Financial Aid

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Financial aid statistics: N/A 

Financial aid statistics:  N/A

Tuition and fees: $50,238 (2016-17) 

Tuition and fees:  $50,238 (2016-17)

Room and board: $13,274 (2016-17) 

Room and board:  $13,274 (2016-17)

Minimum credits per term a student can take for full-time tuition price:

Campus Safety

Campus safety data were reported by the institution to the U.S. Department of Education and have not been independently verified. The numbers for criminal offenses reflect reports of alleged offenses to campus security and/or law enforcement authorities, not necessarily prosecutions or convictions. Experts advise prospective students and their families to do their own research to evaluate the safety of a campus as well as the surrounding area.

Campus Services

Students who have cars on campus: N/A 

Students who have cars on campus:  N/A

Health insurance offered: No 

Health insurance offered:  No

Nearest airports (miles):

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Undergraduate data are based on the 2016 school year.
[1] School refused to fill out U.S. News statistical survey. Data that appear are from school in previous years or from another source such as the National Center for Education Statistics.

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