U.S. News Weekly

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase U.S. News Weekly?

You can purchase either the desktop version or the iPad version of U.S. News Weekly by going to http://www.usnews.com/usnews/store/usnews_weekly_order.

What are the software requirements?

U.S. News Weekly has been designed for use with Adobe Reader 9.4 or greater. With Adobe Reader 9.4, subscribers can view videos and listen to podcasts with the PDF. You can download Adobe Reader at http://get.adobe.com/reader/. Non-multimedia parts of U.S. News Weekly may be viewed in older versions of Adobe Reader or other PDF-viewing software.

When do I get a new issue of U.S. News Weekly?

You will receive E-mail notification on Friday when U.S. News Weekly is available. You can obtain the new issue by going to www.usnews.com/usnewsweekly.

What if I accidentally delete old issues?

Subscribers can access their subscription archive at www.usnews.com/usnewsweekly.

I'm already subscribed to U.S. News Weekly. How do I log in?

You can log in from the E-mail notifying you of the issue's availability or by going to www.usnews.com/usnewsweekly. When prompted, enter your username (your E-mail address) and password. Then click the "Log In" button. Once you have logged in, you can access the current U.S. News Weekly issue and your archive of back issues. You may also update your username or password from this page.

How do I download the U.S. News Weekly iPad app if I am already a subscriber to U.S. News Weekly?

Visit http://www.usnews.com/ipadwksub.

I forgot my password and can't log in. What do I do?

  1. Go to https://secure.usnews.com/premium/forgot.htm?changrequst=true.
  2. Enter your E-mail address, which is also your username.
  3. Within moments, you will receive a temporary password. You have 24 hours to change your permanent password.
  4. Enter required fields to select a new password.
  5. You may now return to log in using your new password.

I get an error message when I log in. What should I do?

E-mail addresses and passwords are case sensitive. Please make sure you are typing them exactly as you did when you subscribed. To verify your log-in, go to www.usnews.com/usnews/usinfo/infomain.htm to request that the information be E-mailed to you. Please include your first and last name and confirmation number.

If you are having trouble signing in and did not receive a confirmation E-mail, then your purchase may not have gone through. Go to www.usnews.com/usnews/usinfo/infomain.htm and click U.S. News Weekly in the drop down. Submit a request to check your order and include your first and last name in your inquiry.

How do I change my password?

You can edit your profile information, including your password, at www.usnews.com/usnewsweekly.

How do I log out?

Click the "log out" link or simply close all windows on your Web browser.

What if I'm not at my main computer?

You can access the U.S. News Weekly from any computer, as long as the computer is connected to the Internet, cookies are enabled in the web browser, and you log in using your username and password.

Can I share my password with others?

No. Passwords are limited to one per customer.

My cookies are turned off. Will that make any difference?

You will not be able to obtain your issue of U.S. News Weekly unless you have cookies enabled. If you need help enabling cookies follow these instructions.

When I try to subscribe, I receive an address Mismatch or Zip Code Mismatch error message. What does that mean?

U.S. News uses AVS (Address Verification Service), a Verisign service, to minimize fraudulent iInternet transactions. AVS requires that street address (and ZIP code for U.S. cardholders) exactly match the address information on file with the cardholder's bank. Not all Iinternet vendors use AVS, so that same credit card may work on other sites with differing street and ZIP code information. If you are having difficulty purchasing, please verify the exact address on file with the card-issuing bank.

I received more than one confirmation E-mail or charge on my credit card. How can I find out if I was charged more than once?

If you clicked "Submit" multiple times on the payment screen, your credit card may have been charged more than once. If you receive multiple confirmations of payment, E-mail refunds@usnews.com.

What is the refund policy for U.S. News Weekly?

If you purchased an annual subscription to U.S. News Weekly, you may request a refund within 24 hours of purchase. Refund requests made after 24 hours from the time of purchase will not be honored. To request a refund, E-mail refunds@usnews.com. No refunds will be given for a monthly subscription.

How do I purchase a gift subscription of U.S. News Weekly?

We are currently developing a special page for gift subscriptions to U.S. News Weekly. In the meantime, you can still give a subscription by following these steps:

  1. Subscribe to U.S. News Weekly as if you were getting a subscription for yourself. Please do not use an email address that is already associated with a U.S. News login. (In particular, if you have a U.S. News Weekly subscription yourself, do not use the same address that you use to receive U.S. News Weekly.)
  2. Wait to receive an email confirming your purchase. This will usually happen within a few minutes. If you don't receive your confirmation email, please check your spam filter. If you can't find it there, then contact webmaster@usnews.com.
  3. If your gift recipient already has a subscription to U.S. News Weekly, please contact webmaster@usnews.com so that we can convert your subscription into an extension to your gift recipient's subscription.
  4. Otherwise, turn the U.S. News Weekly subscription over to the gift recipient by going to the Member Center and changing the email address to that of the recipient.
  5. Send an email to the gift recipient, announcing your gift. Don't forget to give them the password for the U.S. News Weekly account!

Please note that the subscription starts immediately upon purchase.

I still can't find an answer to my question. How do I contact you?

E-mail webmaster@usnews.com.