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Custom Reprints:
Custom reprints are full-color reproductions of articles specially formatted for your business or organization. These high-quality reprints are produced on heavy paper stock. For further information, contact Wrights Reprints at 877-652-5295 or 281-419-5725 (, or

Black-and-white photocopying of articles appearing in U.S. News for educational or informational use is permitted for a fee. For more information and to determine if an article is available for photocopying, please contact Wrights Reprints at 877-652-5295 or 281-419-5725 (, or

Reuse of U.S.News & World Report editorial content in other media:
Please contact Include the following information with your request:

  • the month, day, year, and page numbers of the material you wish to reprint and how the material will be used (in a textbook, newsletter, Web site, etc.)
  • information about your publication including the print run/circulation and sale price, if any
  • if excerpting the material, provide the specific excerpts you wish to use and the context in which they will appear

Requests to use U.S. News material in electronic formats are handled on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please contact Wrights Reprints at (877) 419-5725 (

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