Mysteries of Faith: The Prophets

Mysteries of Faith: The Prophets

Discover the mysterious world of prophets from Abraham to Jesus to Muhammad to prophets of the New World.

They are the visionaries, trailblazers, saviors, and conscience of their times. They are founders of the world’s religions. Some have been hated, persecuted, and even killed for their convictions. But their message endures down to our times, intriguing us with the promise of redemption and haunting us with predictions of the end of time.

And now U.S. News brings to life the rich details of these mysterious individuals including:

Abraham- Emerged from the desert to father a nation

Moses- Dared to encounter God face to face

Jesus- Gave voice to revolutionary ideas

Muhammad- Suddenly chosen from a life in obscurity

John Darby- Credited with the idea of Rapture

And much more!

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