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The science column/blog Food for Thought will set your mind in motion.

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Full disclosure: This is not an impartial review. I owe a great deal to the journalist whose blog is highlighted in this post.

That said, Janet Raloff's weekly online column Food for Thought is well worth reading. For more than two decades, Janet has been doing top-notch reporting for Science News on nutrition and environmental science.

(In fact, she taught me much of what I know about those fields.)

She has written, for example, about how supplements may protect against hearing loss and how recent animal studies—modeled on the one-man nutritional experiment documented in the film Super Size Me—confirm that a short-term fast-food binge can wreak havoc on the body. Sometimes she adds healthful recipes. In other articles, she has warned against environmentally irresponsible practices, like catching sharks for their fins, or called readers' attention to pollutants that some people have never heard of.

The archive of Food for Thought columns, including a few that I've contributed over the years, is desperately in need of a redesign. But it stretches back to 1998, and you'll find some of Janet's gems in there if you poke around.