Transforming Agriculture for Future Generations

Center teams basic science with industry training.

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While the program is still confined to Leeward, on the island of Oahu, the goal is to extend the program to the other islands that make up the state—Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii Island, commonly referred to as the Big Island, starting with online courses that will allow students to study without having to travel. Also, the program has developed a public outreach campaign to alert the public, high school teachers and students, and adults looking for a career change about agricultural career opportunities in Hawaii.

“We’ve been offering the courses for two years now, and I’ve seen more and more bright and passionate students who want to become farmers. They know it’s interesting in terms of both the business and technical aspects of growing something.

“What is especially inspiring is that they want to make Hawaii more sustainable,” she adds. “They want to grow food in Hawaii, and want to take care of the environment. They want to be good stewards. They want to solidify the agricultural economy and ensure Hawaii’s future by producing the best possible crops.”


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