Fastest Supercomputer in the World is Devoted to Solving its Problems

The Jaguar XT5 is working on everything from climate change issues to developing new medicines.

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The models and simulations created by these supercomputers lets "you get closer to the truth," he said.

David Millhorn, the University of Tennessee executive vice president for research and economic development, said the location of the world's No. 1 and No. 3 fastest machines at the UT-managed Oak Ridge Lab could be a boon for the university.

"It means the university will play a role in helping solve and find answers to the most complex problems we have facing us right now that will be done with computational approaches," he said. "It puts us on the roadmap. I don't think UT has ever been in that position before."

"This is just the latest in a series of successes for the University of Tennessee as it progresses toward achieving world-class research status," Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen said in a statement. "The combined resources of UT and its partners in Oak Ridge are positioning Tennessee as a global epicenter for supercomputing."

Besides Jaguar and Kraken, Oak Ridge hosts the No. 15, No. 29 and No. 376 fastest computers on the TOPO500 list.


TOP500 List:


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