Secrets of Your Brain

The latest neuroscience on what makes people tick, from U.S. News & World Report. “Secrets of Your Brain” reveals the amazing discoveries made possible by cutting-edge brain scans; the new findings on how memories form and how you may be able to protect yourself against memory loss and Alzheimer’s; how your “emotional intelligence” may be as important as IQ to your success in life; a look at dreaming and what dreams might mean; and neurology’s current wisdom on brain cancer, concussion, Parkinson’s, stroke and more. Does your child struggle with ADHD or dyslexia? Find out why both can actually be advantages. Explore the mysteries that may lie behind near-death or out-of-body experiences.


  • Why sleep matters to brain health
  • The latest thinking on autism and depression
  • How to use your brain to battle pain
  • Find out what makes psychopaths tick
  • Exclusive photos: Take a front row seat at three brain operations

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ISBN 13: 978-1-931469-44-9 ISBN 10: 193146944X