Amazing Animals

Did you ever wonder how a gecko can dangle by a toe? Or which of your pets is smarter, your dog or your cat? Find out in "Mysteries of Science: Amazing Animals," the new special issue from U.S. News & World Report. The book is chock full of fascinating reads, from the latest science on animal intelligence (crows recognize faces and macaques can count) and cloning (might the woolly mammoth make a comeback?) to the tales of 10 pet heroes who rescued humans from disaster. Discover how the messages that whales "sing" travel hundreds of miles and how dogs suffering from cancer are contributing to the search for human treatments. Read about Alaska's very own Loch Ness-like creature, and how the military's dogs, dolphins and sea lions are helping defend the country. And catch up on the latest thinking on how to get Spot to obey.


  • 10 tales of pet heroes who saved their favorite humans from danger
  • The inside scoop on Hickory, the Virginia Scottish deerhound who took top honors at the 2011 Westminister Kennel Club show
  • A round-up of animals that have inspired human invention, from cats and their night vision to geckos' sticky feet
  • Expert thinking on dog training, with insights from Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan
  • Dramatic stories of canine search-and-rescue operations

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