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Amazing Animals

The book is chock full of fascinating reads, from the latest science on animal intelligence and cloning (might the woolly mammoth make a comeback?) to the tales of 10 pet heroes who rescued humans from disaster.

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Mysteries of Space

From UFOs and the search for new planets to the entrepreneurial possibilities of space and amazing science of pulsars and solar storms, "Mysteries of Space" explores the most intriguing cosmic questions of the present and future.

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Secrets of Your Brain

"Secrets of Your Brain" reveals the amazing discoveries made possible by cutting-edge brain scans; the new findings on memory and where medicine stands in the battle against Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.

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Mysteries of Science

"Mysteries of Science" takes you to the frontiers of discovery. Here you will read about cutting-edge technologies, breakthrough medical advances and the remarkable new findings researchers are making about our past—and our future.

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