The Real Jesus

U.S. News & World Report’s latest special collector’s issue brings you a wealth of new findings by biblical scholars and archaeologists that shed light on the mysteries surrounding the historical Jesus. Discover the latest thinking about the Virgin Mary and the first Christmas, the controversy over whether Judas betrayed Jesus or was carrying out his wishes, and the true roles of Mary Magdalene and the other women among his followers.


  • The amazing story of 3,000-year-old Jerusalem, a holy city to three great faiths, and stunning photographs retracing Jesus’s footsteps
  • An excerpt from Pope Benedict’s latest book on Holy Week
  • The surprising detective work involved in assessing the authenticity of discoveries purported to be James’s ossuary and Jesus’s tomb—and the latest on the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • How experts, over the centuries, have tried to unmask elaborate forgeries of Biblical authors and the often apocryphal stories they tell

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