Secrets of the Bible

Explore the latest thinking on the people and stories of the Old and New Testaments in U.S. News & World Report 's new "Mysteries of Faith" special issue. Here are just a few of the fascinating reads you will find in this beautiful collector's edition: ABRAHAM, MOSES, AND ALL THE PROPHETS: How their visions shaped Christianity, Judaism, and Islam NOAH'S FLOOD: Did it really happen? LEGENDS OF THE LOST ARK: The hunt continues for the holy artifact lost from Solomon's Temple NEW INSIGHTS ON JESUS'S LIFE


  • A modern photographic journey tracing Jesus's path
  • A MOTHER'S TALE: The Mysterious Virgin Mary
  • RELICS and FASCINATING FINDS: Startling archaeological discoveries (and some frauds)

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ISBN 13: 9781931469562 ISBN 10: 1931469563