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Secrets of the Presidents

From George Washington to Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama, our nation's leaders have always generated endless fascination, speculation—and revelation. New insights continually appear—about their family lives, how they operated in the Oval Office, and whom they smuggled into the White House after hours.

Here's a gripping look at the power, politics, and passion that have swirled around our 44 presidents, including excerpts from two new Pulitzer Prize-winning books.


  • THOMAS JEFFERSON'S secret love affair with Sally Hemings, a slave at Monticello
  • THEODORE ROOSEVELT'S mighty cowboy obsession
  • JOHN F. KENNEDY'S harrowing brinkmanship during the Cuban missile crisis
  • RICHARD NIXON'S confession of the century—and how TV interviewer David Frost got it
  • WORST PRESIDENTS of them all—and why they were so bad

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