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Dems Have a Women Problem, Too

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(AP/Richard Drew)

The recent comments by Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen reminded everyone of a similar “Hillary moment” back in the 1992 race, when Hillary Clinton insulted stay-at-home moms on 60 Minutes, saying that she wouldn’t be “some little woman standing by my husband like Tammy Wynette.” She later explained: “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession.” Most women still remember the outrage over that one.

The fact that President Obama, Vice President Biden, the first lady, the head of the Democratic National Committee, and the senior campaign leadership all moved quickly to lower the boom on Rosen shows how fluid the Democrats believe the women’s vote to be. They knew immediately that this was a highly polarizing issue, perhaps more so than this spring’s earlier debate over contraception, because while times have changed since 1992, the rhetoric coming from the left sounded nearly the same. It was divisive and disrespectful to a huge voting bloc, as it was in 1992, and the campaign knew it had to act quickly.

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