5 Reasons Why Tuesday's Primaries Are Good for Democrats

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1. Sharron Angle

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Faced with an eminently vulnerable Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Republican voters went all in on the crazy, selecting the most radically conservative candidate they could find. I wrote last week that, based on her desire to do things like abolish the departments of education and energy, and privatize Social Security, Angle could be the next Rand Paul. Before this thing is through, we might call Paul the first Sharron Angle. And as Talking Points Memo reports, she's also an oather--associated with the fringe-of-the-fringe group the Oath Keepers. This crowd of police and military has taken an oath to disobey any order they view as unconstitutional. Apparently they worry that the government is about to start rounding people into concentration camps. And they believe in state nullification of federal laws, an issue which was settled with some finality back during the 1860s.

Layer on the fact that as of mid-May (the most recent reporting period), Angle had less than $150,000 in the bank, compared with Reid's $9 million. As Ron Bonjean argued on Wednesday, the race will turn on whether voters see it as a referendum on Reid (the GOP's hope) or a choice between Reid and a fully defined Angle (the Democrats' hope). Reid's cash advantage and Angle's fringe views nicely add up to a choice, and one that makes Reid look reelectable.

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