Susan Milligan

March 2013

Moving Iowa and New Hampshire Primaries Won't Make for Better Elections

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People (well, maybe not normal people, but people in the political arena) have been talking about the 2016 presidential campaign since pretty much the day after the 2012 elections. That is arguably insane and certainly troublesome for political party brass who would prefer that the process be ...

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Republican Party
New Hampshire primaries
New Hampshire

Ted Cruz's Patronizing Constitutional 'Lesson' for Dianne Feinstein

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Forget about civility. Sadly, many members of Congress have never been acquainted with the idea. The even more pervasive problem on Capitol Hill is the decline in the basic respect for the institution and its veteran members—and the lack of respect is alarmingly prevalent among some of the newer ...

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Cruz, Ted
Feinstein, Dianne
Second Amendment
gun control and gun rights

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