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On Foreign Policy, Romney More Like Nixon than His Own Father

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To reject Mitt Romney as a presidential candidate solely on the basis of his faith is to be in contempt of the First Amendment. To do so for the content of his foreign policy address last week, however, is perfectly acceptable.

The venue for the speech provided the first clue that Romney and the men ...

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foreign policy
Romney, Mitt
Nixon, Richard M.
2012 presidential election
national security terrorism and the military

America Not Alone With Debt Problems

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After weeks of partisan sniping that made one weepy for smoke-filled rooms, Congress ended the debt ceiling debate by kicking the can of fiscal discipline down the red-ink brick road. Lucky for us the rest of the world is as dysfunctional as Washington.

[Read Newman: 11 countries that make America ...

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deficit and national debt
Obama, Barack
Obama administration
Boehner, John
global economy
tea party
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