Obamacare’s Latest Failure

There’s little left that can go wrong with the law – everything already has.

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The next shoe to drop in the Obamacare debacle has already fallen – patients who enrolled in health insurance plans through the federal exchange have begun to experience disruptions in their care. As the U.K.'s Daily Mail has reported, hospital workers "are turning away sick people ... because they can't determine whether their Obamacare insurance plans are in effect."

The news comes after a three-month span during which the president's health care law has failed to deliver on nearly every promise made by its advocates. To recap: In October, the website, which President Obama had said would make shopping for insurance as easy as booking a flight on Kayak or buying a TV on Amazon, launched to much fanfare. It immediately crashed for virtually everyone who tried to use it to browse plans. Just six people were able to successfully enroll on the first day.

A few weeks after that, people began to discover the president's claim that "if you like your health insurance, you can keep it" was more like hopeful thinking than an ironclad assertion when somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 million people received notices that their plans were being canceled.

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Lest anyone think the newly uninsured would have access to less expensive policies as a result of the law, the next barrage of headlines proved that, alas, calling something "affordable" does not always make it so.

Now, the administration is claiming that the website has been fixed, although they admit a few glitches persist. This is true – if by glitches they mean massive defects that prevent the Obamacare website from reliably carrying out its only function, to transmit information about those who try to sign up for coverage to insurers. As a result, the very Americans who were supposed to be served by the law are finding themselves unable to get care.

The good news for Obamacare supporters is that there is little left that could go wrong. From A to Z, it already has.

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