Scott Galupo

November 2011

Conservatives' Immigration Dilemma: Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney?

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Imagine you're a conservative activist who plans to vote in the fast-approaching Iowa caucus.

You can't stand former Gov. Mitt Romney, and you've watched as a succession of true-believing conservatives has failed to pass the laugh test. You loved Sarah Palin in 2008, but you are tired of being ...

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Iowa caucus
2012 presidential election
Romney, Mitt
Cain, Herman
Bachmann, Michele
Gingrich, Newt
immigration reform

Conservatives Shouldn't Have Doctrines, Anti-Tax or Otherwise

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In a front-page story this morning, the Washington Post reports:

Growing Republican support for raising taxes to help reduce the deficit has prompted a GOP identity crisis, sparking a clash within the party over whether to abandon its bedrock anti-tax doctrine.


[See a collection of political ...

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deficit and national debt
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