Obama's Supposed Hatred of America

Another example of Obama derangement syndrome.

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By Scott Galupo, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

Wow. David P. Goldman, the artist formerly known as “Spengler,” just defended his theory about the roots of President Obama’s supposed hatred of America (he’s “the loyal son of a left-wing anthropologist mother who sought to expiate her white guilt by going to bed with Muslim Third World men”)--which John Podhoretz quite reasonably denounced here--by saying his characterization has earned wide if not universal acceptance among conservatives.

The approving conservatives he cites as proof? Sean Hannity and Michael Ledeen. Sure—and Charles Manson was an otherwise normal dude who dug the Beatles.

Sorry, Oswald. You’ll need to try harder than that. And kudos to Podhoretz for the intellectual hygienic effort.

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