The Washington Times Sells George W. Bush Legacy Junk

Trade the coffee-table books for the coffee-table-size federal budget under W.

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By Sam Dealey, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

The following E-mail, appropriately enough, showed up in my junk box today:

Dear friend of The Washington Times,

Here's your chance to be one of the very first to own " W, The Legacy of George W. Bush" the compelling coffee table styled book about an extraordinary president in turbulent times. " W" is packed with gripping pictures and stories all beautifully presented in this historical keepsake presentation of all eight years of the Presidency of George W. Bush.

If conservatives are looking for a keepsake book on the Bush years, my suggestion is to visit the Government Printing Office for a copy of the federal budget. Far better than a book for a coffee table, after eight years of W., the budget can actually be used as a coffee table.

The Washington Times also is offering the President Bush Commemorative Cigar. Knowing Times readers as I do, my hunch is that if it were renamed after Clinton, it would fly off the shelves.