North Korea Belongs on the State Department Terror List

North Korea wants to strike a deal with the Obama administration. Obama shouldn't budge.

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By Sam Dealey, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

As Team Obama sifts through the debris, one Bush policy worth immediate reversal was the decision to remove North Korea from the State Department's terror list. As the AP picks up today:

North Korea is willing to give up its nuclear weapons if President Barack Obama agrees to conditions imposed by the communist regime, including establishing formal diplomatic relations between the two countries, a pro-Pyongyang newspaper said.

"It is too early to predict whether the Obama administration will endorse the North's nuclear possession or try to realize denuclearization through normalization of relations," the paper said. "But what is sure is that the North side is ready to deal with any choice by the enemy nation."

No need to convene a Cabinet meeting on this one. Consult Merriam-Webster:

Terrorism n: the systematic use of terror esp. as a means of coercion.