Sam Dealey

November 2008

The Taliban Is a Drug Cartel and Should Be Attacked as Such

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By Sam Dealey, Thomas Jefferson Street blog.

The latest report on Afghanistan's opium economy from the U.N.'s drug tsar, Antonio Maria Costa, only confirms what sensible people foretold six years ago: that the Wars on Drugs and Terror are inexorably linked.

Briefly, here's the latest: Overall, opium ...

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War in Afghanistan (2001-)
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The McCain Campaign's Incompetence About Barack Obama's War on Coal-Fired Power Plants

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For a sense of how ineffectively managed the McCain campaign is, consider the last-minute flap over coal. In a January 17 interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Barack Obama declared war on America's coal-fired plants, pledging to regulate the industry so aggressively that "it will bankrupt ...

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