New Poll Shows Obama's Tax Plans Are Low Priority

Keep the change, Mr. President-elect—raising taxes isn't among the country's top priorities.

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Some interesting poll results out today from AP/GfK Roper, in which respondents were asked to rate the priority of 11 prominent election issues.

Improving the economy led, with 98 percent saying it was a "top priority" or "an important but lower priority," and just 2 percent saying it was "not an important priority " or "should not be done."

Creating jobs and Reducing the federal budget also scored in the 90s as priorities.

Protecting the environment led the second tier of importance (scoring in the 80s), followed by Dealing with the problems of poor people, Stabilizing the nation's financial institutions, and Cutting personal tax rates.

Most interesting, however, is the third tier of priorities (70s), which gets to specific policy areas rather than the broad ideas listed above (excepting personal taxes): an Iraq withdrawal, healthcare reform, and offshore drilling.

And at the clear rock bottom of priorities was raising taxes. Just 59 percent said Eliminating the previous tax cuts for couples earning more than $250,000 a year was a top or important priority, while 37 percent said it was not a priority or should not be done.

Obama's election was interpreted in some quarters as a mandate for radical change. In this poll, at least, the respondents seem to say that the more things change, the more they should stay the same.

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