Bonnie Erbe's Cheap Shot on Sarah Palin

She's taking these attacks seriously?

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After taking a barb from liberal journalist Elaine Lafferty for her dim assessment of Sarah Palin's intelligence, my Thomas Jefferson Street colleague Bonnie Erbe responds:

I find high irony in the coincidence that as this former editor of Ms. magazine and self-proclaimed Democrat dissed me, I was simultaneously E-mailed by a PR firm (Gehrung Associates), offering up an interview with a former high school acquaintance of Governor Palin that read as follows:

Ashlyn Kuersten, an associate professor of political science at Western Michigan University specializing in women in law and politics, has a little more insight into Sarah Palin than the average Joe Plumber: They attended the same high school only two years apart....

"Sarah changes the debate," [says Kuersten]. "She brings a lot of bling and chrome, but virtually nothing of substance. She doesn't know a lot about politics, it's more important to the American public that she looks like she does than what she has to say."

Let me get this right: A lefty poli-sci professor from Western Michigan University, who is crying for her 15 minutes of fame because she attended the same high school as Palin 30 years ago, says the popular sitting governor of Alaska-cum-Republican veep candidate "doesn't know a lot about politics."

Good grief.