Putin for Amerika!

Didn't you realize that Putin and Georgia are all part of an elaborate domestic political scheme?

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The Nation has one of those pieces where the writer is so busy connecting the dots he finally wanders straight into Loony Land. Corrupt lobbyists, neocon cabals, October Surprises, hungry American imperialism—the only conspiracy element missing is Lee Harvey Oswald.

Supposedly, the article explains why Georgia suddenly erupted, and the gist is that McCain ginned it up.

There is every indication that the candidate's demonization of Putin is an even grander plan than the previous use of Hussein to fuel American militarism with the fearsome enemy that it desperately needs.


What is at work here is a neoconservative, self-fulfilling prophecy in which Russia is turned into an enemy that ramps up its largely reduced military, and Putin is cast as the new Joseph Stalin bogeyman, evoking images of the old Soviet Union.

Yea, Putin! Sounds like another bright bulb looked the Russian president in the eye and got a " sense of his soul."