Minority Leader Pelosi Would Mean Years of GOP Rule

She would be handing Republicans the keys to the House of Representatives for years to come.

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Winning over 60 House Republican seats and six Senate seats is a great victory. Having Speaker Nancy Pelosi serve as the Democratic minority leader during the next Congress? Priceless.

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This is the same speaker of the House who presided over a left-wing agenda that passed Obama’s massive government takeover of healthcare, a wasteful stimulus package that didn’t cause a promised economic recovery, and a cap-and-trade bill that would have cost thousands of jobs. Under Pelosi’s leadership, the Democrats lost the majority after only four years of leadership. Through arm-twisting votes, she helped to push half of the moderate-to-conservative Blue Dog Democrats off the cliff after November’s election. The group has now gone from 54 to 26 members.

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Next year, a majority of the Democratic Caucus will be mostly liberal members looking for guidance on how to navigate the waters of divided government. One would have thought that Pelosi would graciously go back to San Francisco or head up a liberal think tank and let a moderate like House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer take the helm. After all, the American people rejected the way the country was being governed and gave Democrats their pink slips. After such a historic thumping, it is shocking to learn that Pelosi has not yet grasped that independent and right-leaning voters did not approve of the direction of the country. [See where Hoyer gets his campaign money.]

Maybe it really shouldn’t be a surprise. The Democrats did ignore the polls telling them that Americans rejected rising federal spending, a government takeover of healthcare and promoting tax increases that would destroy jobs. It looks like Pelosi is embracing President Obama’s view that their policies are correct, it’s just that the American people didn’t understand them. Maybe it’s because the Democrats did explain their viewpoints clearly, but the majority of Americans simply disagreed.

If Speaker Pelosi is elected House minority leader, she will be handing Republicans the keys to the House of Representatives for years to come. House Republicans and the media will use her position as the symbol of failed leadership at every chance they get. Her partisan style will likely be the undoing of the White House looking to build bridges to Republicans in order to create bipartisan victories. And Pelosi will be the symbol of gridlock and obstructionism over the next two years. 

House Democrats would be wise to back someone worthy of the job for the good of the House Democratic Caucus. Or will those members who are left keep drinking the “Kool-Aid” convinced that they remain the change that Americans can believe in?

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