Obama Healthcare Reform Bill is a Mammoth Job Killer

Bill is a federal license to destroy American small business. Voters will remember in November.

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By Ron Bonjean, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

What are the top three priorities of any Democratic or Republican White House if they are faced with skyrocketing unemployment and billions of dollars spent on extended unemployment benefits? The answer of course is creating the right economic conditions to grow jobs, jobs, and more jobs. But the Democratic leadership believes in a very different course of action. Their solution is to spend most of their time on attempting to pass a $1 trillion healthcare bill and claim that it will create more jobs.

Speaker Pelosi says a report by the Center for American Progress estimates that the Democrats’ healthcare bill would create 250,000 to 400,000 jobs per year over 10 years. However, a new study released by Americans for Tax Reform reports the exact opposite will happen. Using the center’s own methodology, it finds that the healthcare bill proposed by Democrats would destroy a total of 120,000 to 700,000 jobs by 2019. And the Heritage Foundation recently released its own analysis that the healthcare bill will lead to an estimated 690,000 lost job opportunities per year.

The national unemployment rate is fluctuating from double digit figures to the current rate of 9.7 percent. Millions of Americans haven’t had a job in more than a year and still receive unemployment benefits from the federal government. And now our nation’s debt is threatening our worldwide credit rating due to the trillions of dollars in runaway spending.

So given this drastic situation, why has the Democratic leadership tackled this fundamental problem of economic growth by proposing a massive government takeover of healthcare? It will threaten to place our country further in debt with billions in government subsidies to cover unfunded mandates and the federalization of the healthcare insurance industry. Businesses will be forced to pay major fines for not covering employees. Translation: The healthcare proposal will be a mammoth job killing terminator with a federal license to destroy American small business.

Every day that the White House spends on other issues besides working to create the right conditions for positive job growth is another day that millions of unemployed American voters grow angrier. A better idea would be for the majority to just call in sick to work since they aren’t doing the job voters want them to perform. Faking a head cold might be a better approach because if they pass this healthcare bill, many Democrats who vote for it will probably be looking for work after November.

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