Robert Schlesinger

June 2011

Why President Obama Is In Puerto Rico

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Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens, but the island itself has no (voting) member of Congress and no vote in presidential elections. So what is Barack Obama doing in San Juan today rallying the locals in front of a giant Puerto Rican flag? The answer lies in demographics.

[Check out a slide show ...

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Puerto Rico
Hispanic voters
2012 presidential election
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Tim Pawlenty Cribs 'Better Deal' From LBJ

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Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty unveiled his economic plan Tuesday and it quickly and rightly drew ridicule from the left and the right for its fantastical assumptions and projections. Pawlenty termed his plan a "Better Deal," an apparent attempt to rhetorically echo FDR's "New Deal," in ...

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2012 presidential election
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano
Pawlenty, Tim
Johnson, Lyndon
Kennedy, John

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