Robert Schlesinger

May 2011

Trump, Palin Trail Far Behind Romney in New Hampshire Poll

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Reality TV star Donald Trump may have ridden birtherism to national polls, but unfortunately for him the 2012 GOP primary is not a national contest. And in the country’s first primary state, The Donald is not playing well at all, according to fresh polling data.

Instead, former Massachusetts Gov.

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Trump, Donald
Bachmann, Michele
Paul, Ron
2012 presidential election
Republican Party
Gingrich, Newt
Romney, Mitt
Huckabee, Mike
Pawlenty, Tim
health care
health care reform
Daniels, Mitch

Obama Announces Osama bin Laden Dead--This Was Personal

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Nearly 10 years later, we have a moment of national catharsis. President Obama last night put in words the sentiment which the spontaneous, jubilant crowds outside the White House and at Ground Zero expressed with triumphant roars and cheers: “Justice has been done.”

[See photos of reactions to ...

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Obama, Barack
national security terrorism and the military
bin Laden, Osama

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