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‘Unskewed Polls’ mastermind says Obama must have committed voter fraud because, well, just because.

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Do you remember Dean Chambers? He was the mastermind behind the website that tried to "unskew" presidential polls which, he and his allies argued, too heavily favored President Obama and so didn't reflect the state of the election. When the real world got the chance to weigh in and sided decisively with the "skewed" polls, Chambers got credit in some parts for acceding to reality. My how a couple of weeks can change things. Chambers has launched a new website devoted to proving (or "proving") that Obama in fact won because of voter fraud (h/t TPM). It's called barackofraudo.com (Barack O'Fraudo … because the president is Irish, or something) but it would more properly be titled unskewedreality.com.

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The concept is Onion-worthy itself, but the execution is pretty remarkable as well, starting with the traditional red and blue electoral map, with four swing states—Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida, just the right combination to take the president under 270—colored black. "Black States = States Obama won by Voter Fraud. Click the state for more information," the site helpfully explains.

OK, let's take Ohio, for example. Here's the case for Obama voter fraud there:

Democrats are known for years for stuffing the ballot boxes in the city of Cleveland, often it is the margin of victory for statewide candidates who lose state wide [sic] as Democrats but can win the election by gaining enough votes among the million registered voters, as well as other votes cast, in Cleveland.

This was true with the state of Ohio in the 2012 presidential election.

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He goes on to explain that Obama got his winning margin in Cuyahoga County (where Cleveland is located) and there were some precincts in the city where no one voted for Romney at all. For what it's worth, Obama did clean up on the east side of Cleveland ... which happens to be where that city's African-Americans are heavily concentrated. Is it believable that Romney could score zero votes in African-American districts? Well yes, actually. So to sum up the case: Obama cheated because it's well known that Democrats cheat and because Romney didn't score any votes against the first African-American president in African-American precincts.

The write-ups in other states are similar, starting with a blanket, unfounded assertion that Obama cheated because Democrats are well known to cheat.

Elsewhere on the site, you'll find a link to a page making the case for both for vote suppression (of Republicans, by the media, of course) and, again, voter fraud.

Without further or more detailed proof, there is objectively two ways [sic] to increase voter turnout on the side of those supporting Obama, as it clearly did happen in some key swing states: either get more real people out to vote who will vote for Obama, or stuff the ballot boxes and engage in a variety of vote fraud and vote scamming methods. Odds are quite likely, to maximize their odds of succeeding in getting President Obama elected, that they engaged in all of the above to make it happen.

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So in addition to a killer ground game, the Obama campaign engaged in voter fraud because, well, it just seems likely to Dean Chambers.

It's worth noting that "voter fraud" is one of the great bogeymen of the right and is as real as the monster in your closet. As the Brennan Center for Justice's Michael Waldman likes to note, you're more likely to get killed by lightning than commit in-person voter fraud.

It's funny, but it's sad, and a little scary. If the GOP is going to become a politically viable party at the presidential level, they are going to have to bend their views of the world to the facts of the world. This doesn't mean that the GOP necessarily has to move to the right or to the center (that's a false dichotomy anyway—they need to figure out how to appeal to both), but it does mean that the party has to come to terms with the fact that they lost this year (and in a race that was not ultimately as close as has been made out to be).

To the extent that delusional hucksters like Dean Chambers are allowed to thrive, it will only impede the GOP's adjusting to real world circumstances. The motto of conservatism used to be, as the late William F. Buckley put it, that it stood "athwart history, yelling stop." If the right isn't careful it will end up standing athwart reality yelling "Nnnnnoooo!!!"

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