Another Nazi Registers to Lobby Congress

A Nazi quoted as calling the president "the Antichrist" has registered to lobby on Capitol Hill.

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Members of the National Socialist Movement (NSM) party and their supporters, salute as they stand at attention during a rally held at the historic Yorktown Battlefields in Yorktown, Va., on Saturday, June 25, 2005. Fewer than 150 American Nazis and their supporters waved flags bearing swastikas as they rallied on a field Saturday for speeches punctuated by shouts of "Sieg Heil,'' as some 500 counter-demonstrators gathered on a field 250 yards away.

The ranks of Nazis lobbying Congress have doubled. I reported in April that the American Nazi Party had registered a lobbyist. Now if he gets lonely not meeting with members of Congress he can commiserate with Paul R. Mullet, who registered last week to lobby for Crusaders for Yahweh-Aryan Nations LLC (hat tip LegiStorm).

Mullet is a piece of work. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, he has been convicted of several crimes relating to theft and fraud. The Center also quotes him as saying that "I not only believe [President Obama] wasn't born in this country, but I also believe that he's the Antichrist." So he's a Nazi, a birther, and thinks Obama is literally the devil (or close enough)—that's the hat trick of crazy.

He filed his registration papers effective last Thursday. His form describes his group's activities as "Pro-White Christian Identity White Nationalism." He registered to lobby on nine issues, including the Constitution, firearms, education, and government. Specifically, according to the form, he plans to lobby on "any activities that adversely afect [sic] the White Race."

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Mullet told The Hill that his group is ramping up its political activism, including lobbying and running candidates for office. He denied to the paper that he is a white supremacist. "No, I'm a white nationalist," he said. "I'm pro-white."

Mullet even appears to be on Twitter, with an account that mostly links to white supremacist Websites, with a few predictably offensive comments thrown in and the occasional odd personal note. He wrote last July: "Our baby Girl is now home and all is well Blue eyes and sandy blond hair. She is so cute!!!!!!!!!!! Heil Hitler."

You have to feel bad for actual lobbyists. You'd have thought it would be hard for them to become less popular, but having Nazis swell their ranks certainly can't be helping matters. 

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