Good News, GOP, Americans Blame Both Sides for Super Committee Flop

Republicans get away with one.

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Gallup brings happy news for Republicans in the form of a poll showing that a majority (55 percent) of Americans blame both parties equally for the failure of the so-called super committee to reach a budget deal.

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Among those Americans who don’t blame both sides (we’ll call them the people who have followed the story really closely), more are likely to blame Republicans (24 percent) than Democrats (15 percent). And if you think the comment about these being the people paying really close attention is a partisan crack, think again. According to Gallup, those who followed the story “very closely” are as likely to blame Republicans (38 percent) as both sides (38 percent).

As I wrote yesterday, the notion that both sides are to blame is, while fashionable, also spurious. As they have been all year, Republicans were far more obstinate than were Democrats.

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The Gallup poll also gives a pretty good indication as to why that is. Asked whether members of the committee should have compromised more, Democrats and independents both favored compromise over holding firm (Democrats by 66-22 and independents by 54-26). Republicans on the other hand were virtually split, with 44 percent favoring compromise and 42 percent favoring principle. This mirrors the views recorded in several other polls.

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