Birther Outbreak in New Hampshire

No worries--President Obama gets to stay on the ballot.

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Would someone please explain to the birthers that Halloween has come and gone? Like a bunch of worse for wear zombies, the birthers keep shuffling along, except they’re now more pathetic than—well OK, they were always pretty pathetic.

The latest birther flare-up comes in New Hampshire, where chief birther Orly Taitz and some local Republicans last weekend petitioned the board of elections to prevent President Obama from being on next year’s presidential primary ballot on the grounds that he’s not a citizen and thus not qualified to be president.

The scene got ugly, according to the Concorde Monitor, once the board rejected the motion.

As state election officials yesterday rejected California lawyer Orly Taitz's argument to keep President Obama's name off the New Hampshire presidential ballot, supporters lining the hearing room in the Legislative Office Building cried out in protest.

"Traitors!" shouted one woman. "Spineless traitors!"

"Saying a treasonous liar can go on our ballot?" yelled State Rep. Harry Accornero, a Republican from Laconia. "You're going to have to face the citizens of Laconia. You better wear a mask."

Someone might explain to Accornero that (a) treason is a capital offense and (b) it’s generally not a good idea to hold out the threat of mob violence in any circumstances. (Oh wait, this is the same New Hampshire legislator that last month wrote an open letter to Congress demanding that they “ bring a commission of treason against Mr. Barack Husain [sic] Obama.”)

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Accornero has apparently not endorsed anyone in the GOP primary yet, but at least three of the eight other legislators signed onto the birther complaint have: Al Baldasaro and Moe Villeneuve have endorsed Rick Perry while Bill Tobin has signed on with Mitt Romney. No doubt the other half-dozen in the birther caucus are being avidly courted.