Donald Trump's Stealth New Hampshire Visit

Maybe Trump appearances will become the stuff of legend, like Elvis sightings.

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Donald Trump is not someone who one ordinarily associates with the concept of keeping a low profile. There is very little about the maybe GOP presidential contender that says “understated.” After all he once sued an author for libel when the writer characterized The Donald as merely being a millionaire rather than a billionaire. And yet as his 2012 quasi-campaign enters its second phase with a trip to New Hampshire on Wednesday, The Donald is in stealth mode: He’s not actually announcing where he’ll be going in the Granite State.

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According to the New Hampshire Union-Leader’s John DiStaso, Trump will be making eight stops in New Hampshire, but won’t disclose where they will be. DiStaso reports:

A Trump Organization executive who is handling "The Donald's" visit said that other than a media availability at Pease, none of the approximately eight stops Trump intends to make will be announced.

The executive, Michael Cohen, said the locations of the Trump stops are being kept secret for security reasons.

"You can understand that you don't want somebody who may be up to no good to be waiting there," Cohen said.

Indeed. It's lucky for actual politicians that they don’t have to concern themselves with such things. If only they were as famous and important as Trump.

Apparently The Donald will appear at a GOP fundraiser (in an undisclosed location, natch) and will walk through at least one Main Street to meet with voters. (One wonders if he will pronounce the Main Street he grew up on as being much bigger and more impressive.) Maybe this is a new form of guerrilla campaigning: Perhaps Trump sightings around New Hampshire will become the stuff of local legend, like Elvis sightings.