Poll: Charlie Sheen 'Winning' Over Sarah Palin Among Independents

Dream matchup?

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Among independent voters, “tiger blood” trumps “Mama Grizzly” genes, at least according to a poll released today by Public Policy Polling. For laughs, the survey tested out of control actor Charlie Sheen in hypothetical 2012 matchups against President Obama and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. And while Sheen may be bi-winning--here and there--but he’s not tri-winning, as he loses these matchups. Both pols trounce him. But he does beat Palin among one key voting demographic: independent voters. Apparently for them, Sheen’s “one gear—go” trumps her don’t-retreat-reload mantra.

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On the heels of his high profile crack-up, Sheen has scored high negative numbers across the board. So Obama bests him 57-24 percent, while Palin beats him by a comfortable 49-29 percent (though even if that was the worst news in the poll for Team Palin, an inability to crack 50 percent against the self-described "Vatican assassin warlock"). But dig into the cross-tabs and you’ll find that independents prefer the loopy actor over the flaky reality TV star and Twitter commentator 41-36. Interestingly among ethnic groups, Hispanics also favor Sheen over Palin, though the 36-33 percent margin is within the margin of error.

One can only hope that Palin will dismiss the results with a tweet of: “I have a polling problem? Bull****--I cured it with my brain.” [See photos of Palin and her family.]

And in what Public Policy Polling’s Dean Debnam characterizes as a sign of “how polarized things have become in America,” each party’s partisans view the other side with such dislike that they would choose the actor over the pol. Democrats favor Sheen over Palin 44-24 percent, which GOPers would pull the lever for Sheen 37-24 percent over Obama. What can you say? The guy’s a total bitchin’ rock star from Mars.

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