Huckabee Dings Kyl on Christmas Week Work

A problem facing GOP members of Congress.


I noted earlier that Mike Huckabee, appearing on the Daily Show Thursday night to promote his new Christmas book, not only neatly cut off the Kyl Who Politicized Christmas at the knees, but also took a swift shot at the Congress in general-- Democrats and Republicans.

Huckabee, a former pastor, told Jon Stewart that there was nothing wrong with working during the week after Christmas.

No I think in fact it’s sort of like the heavy duty season for most Christians. They work a little harder. So it really does not, I think, bother me if the Senate and the House were to work a little extra. It’d make up for all the times they’re not working, which is the rest of the year.

This is another small but telling example of the problem congressional Republicans face given both that there’s a presidential election in less than two years, and that the GOP has developed an entertainment-based branch.
Possible presidential candidates, like Huckabee, routinely run against Congress (and anything else that exists inside the Beltway) as a matter of course. But with a newly activated Tea Party element to whom they must appeal in the presidential primaries, they will have an extra incentive to keep a vocally critical eye on Republicans in Congress and scorch them for any misstep.

And as a paid commentator on Fox News Channel, Huckabee--like colleagues Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich--has an incentive to focus on building ratings rather than helping his friends in office actually try to govern.

Granted that in the case of the great Christmas Caper of 2010 the GOP is not necessarily governing well or stepping out of orthodoxy line, but it nevertheless underscores the divide.