Robert Schlesinger

October 2010

Obama-Clinton 2012? Obama-BIden 2012? Why It Doesn't Matter

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Wednesday's will they or won't they boomlet about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was classic Washington. The media was obsessed all day long, with endless commentary that was by definition almost entirely whole cloth speculation (about what might happen a year-and-a-half from now) fueled by horse ...

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Obama administration
Obama, Barack
2012 presidential election
Clinton, Bill
Clinton, Hillary
Biden, Joe
McCain, John
Palin, Sarah
Quayle, Dan
running mates
Vice President

Democrats Hammer Republicans on Minimum Wage

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With the midterm elections looming like a dark cloud, Democrats are scrambling around for an issue or issues with which to stem the coming GOP tide. Some of the GOP's more radically conservative candidates might have given the Democrats such an issue with their pronouncements questioning the ...

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Raese, John
Rossi, Dino
Murray, Patty
Blumenthal, Richard
McMahon, Linda
2010 Congressional elections
minimum wage
Democratic Party
Republican Party
Paul, Rand
Miller, Joe
national security terrorism and the military

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