Cheney and Torture--the Democrats' Gift that Keeps Giving

Wrong, wrong, and wrong again!

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By Robert Schlesinger, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

Is Dick Cheney's ego writing checks his poll numbers can't cash? That seems to be the bet the Democratic National Committee is making, going back to the Cheney well again with a new TV ad slamming him for being "wrong" and "wrong again" on a host of issues, including Iraq (both how we'd be greeted and what we'd find) and most recently "enhanced interrogation techniques" (or what before 9/11 we simply called "torture"). As The Plum Line's Greg Sargent points out, this appears to be the first time the Democrats as a party have said that Cheney was flatly wrong on torture.

Previously, the DNC — and other White House allies — had mostly lampooned Cheney as a figure of fun on the sidelines, largely declining to engage the substance of the torture debate to avoid elevating his claims. ...

I wonder whether this means Dems are anticipating a higher profile debate over torture — and over national security in general.

Cheney's approval ratings crept up in the spring (and there's even been a Cheney '12 boomlet—please, oh please), but you've got to figure that he retains a special mix of high name recognition and toxic appeal for the Democrats to continue painting him as the face of the GOP on national security policy.

 Here's the DNC ad: