Hey NRA, Why Doesn't Congress Have Guns?

E.J. Dionne makes a great point: Guns for Congress!

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By Robert Schlesinger, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

The Washington Post's E.J. Dionne makes a good point in his column today: Members of the U.S. Senate should pack heat. Various senators and other legislators have been pushing a variety of pro-gun measures, from allowing guns in national parks to letting patrons of bars be armed. So, Dionne argues, why don't these same legislators follow their own dictates to their logical conclusion and allow guns in the senate? Or to put it another way, why waste taxpayer money on the security of the capitol police when the free market could do it probably more efficiently by simply arming the senators, their staffs and the tourists?

And he's not kidding:

Don't think this column is offered lightly. I want these guys to put up or shut up. If the NRA's servants in Congress don't take their arguments seriously enough to apply them to their own lives, maybe the rest of us should do more to stop them from imposing their nonsense on our country.