Stop the Presses! Obama Dislikes But Still Uses Media Cycle!

Obama doesn't like the news cycle but also doesn't ignore it? Shocking!


By Robert Schlesinger, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

Peter Baker's piece in today's New York Times is actually pretty interesting, but the headline ("Obama Complains About the News Cycle but Manipulates It, Worrying Some") and lede are a bit goofy. Baker writes:

It has become his common lament. Challenged about difficulties with his economic or legislative programs, President Obama complains about the tyranny of “the news cycle,” pronouncing the words with an air of above-it-all disdain for the impatience and fecklessness of today’s media culture.

Yet after six months in office, perhaps no other president has been more attuned to, or done more to dominate, the news cycle he disparages.

That's the equivalent of saying: Robert Schlesinger complains constantly about the summer heat. And yet weeks into the annual heat wave, no other blogger has used air conditioning as much. Just because you don't like the atmosphere in which you're operating, you're not obliged to operate as if it didn't exist.