Good News for Republicans: Seniors Hate Obama's Healthcare Plan

And this is coming from a Democratic poll.


By Robert Schlesinger, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

Democracy Corps has a new research memo out on how Obama and the Dems can create a "sustainable majority for healthcare reform." The word sustainable reflects the fact that healthcare reform tends to be more popular in the abstract than when it is leavened with details. They described the Obama plan, including how it will be funded (I've appended the description at the end of this post) and charted how different demographics respond. The things that caught my eye had to do with intensity: While likely voters support the Obama plan 50-43, only 21 percent "strongly favor" it, while 30 percent "strongly oppose" it. And here's the one that should bring a broad smile to Republican faces: Seniors oppose the Obama plan 54-35, with 41 percent strongly opposing it and only 14 percent strongly favoring it. Kind of an important demographic that.

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