Hypocrisy Watch: Democrats Sneak Lobbyist Cash in the Side Door

Bad, bad, unacceptable lobbyist money! Give it to us in the morning.


By Robert Schlesinger, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

I noted earlier comical GOP hypocrisy about demagoguing troop funding votes, so it's only fair to observe that Democrats are not immune this week from their own bouts of laughable hypocrisy. Barack Obama made a big deal of banning lobbyist money for the party, and as a result it's hurting the Dems' cash haul at their big fundraising dinner this week, Politico reports. But while lobbyists can't come to dinner Thursday night, they (and their dough) are more than welcome on Friday morning at an "issues conference" headlined by congressional leaders.

"Please note that the Friday Issues Conference is NOT subject to lobbyist restrictions, though the event is intended for personal contributions only," a finance official from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee wrote in an e-mail sent to lobbyists Tuesday and obtained by Politico, bolding the entire sentence to underscore the clarification. "The Issues Conference is separate from the DSCC/DCCC events with President Obama."

One prominent Democratic lobbyist unhappy with the situation described it vividly: "It's almost like the ugly girl that you want to call late at night — but don't want to be seen with on a date."

In fairness to the Dems, the only person who really likes the lobbying funding ban is Barack Obama. But still...

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