Poll Shows Public Sides With Palin Over Letterman

There's the outrage.

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By Robert Schlesinger, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

A new Rasmussen poll puts solid numbers around Sarah Palin's victory over David Letterman. According to the survey, nearly two thirds of Americans (64 percent) say that late-night comedians should not target the children of politicians with jokes. (Letterman's approval rating dropped from 49 percent last month to 41 percent this month, raising the question: Since when do we track the approval rating of late-night talk show hosts?) Of course, that solid majority didn't seem terribly upset last fall when then-pregnant teen Bristol Palin was the target of never-ending late-night jokes from Letterman and his ilk. Maybe they meant to tell Rasmussen that pols' children shouldn't be the target of unfunny jokes?

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