Torture Is Not Conservative? Well Yeah, Torture Really Is Not Conservative

Torture means government overreach and immorality. Yeah, that isn't conservative.

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By Robert Schlesinger, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

Neo-con Ken Adelman has an interesting and admirable blog post over at one of Foreign Policy's blogs. He makes a conservative case against torture.

It's somewhat outrageous for real conservatives not to be outraged by all this. Conservatism has never been, and should not become now, the pro-torture movement.

He cites the core of conservatism: limited government.

The conservatism of Goldwater, like all American conservatism, stressed limited government -- not only in programs and budgets, but also in the power and reach of the state.

That's old-con. There are also, he points out, neo-con reasons to be against torture:

Neo-conservatism meant -- to me, at least -- that there is and should be a moral element at the center of foreign policy. ... Torture is not only immoral; it's not conservative. And conservatives shouldn't be defending it.

Oh yeah, that was an element of neo-conservatism, wasn't it?

Anyway, the whole post is worth reading.

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