Heckuva Job, Brownie: Michael Brown Assails Obama on Handling of Swine Flu

Katrina clown criticizes the Obama administration.

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By Robert Schlesinger, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

Ummm. Brownie's still doing a heckuva job.

In case you missed it, Michael Brown, the guy who was in charge of FEMA during the little thundershower that wrecked New Orleans, was on Fox today lambasting the Obama administration for its handling of the swine flu outbreak. Seriously.

He has about as much credibility talking about this as Dick Cheney does talking about the efficacy of torture.

Think Progress has the video and here, from them, is the transcript (emphases theirs):

BROWN: Well I think there's one thing they're legitimately worried about and that is this H1N1 is a new strain we haven't seen before so we're not sure how Tamiflu and everything will work against it. Here's what I really think is going on. I think they want to raise this level because that gives them more attention, it gives them more, you know, more legitimacy, and allows them to get out there and say 'oh look at us, we're in control we've got this thing taken care of.' It legitimizes what they're doing. We shouldn't be scaring the public. [...]

Neil, my theory always was after Katrina that the Bush administration and now the Obama administration will do it too. They will come out and they will do everything including the kitchen sink because they don't want to get caught with their pants down. But what that does is, that's the same as crying the sky is falling, chicken little. And next time people will be less inclined to believe it.

Well I suppose it's too bad that the Bush administration didn't scream and throw the kitchen sink before Hurricane Katrina—when the sky literally was falling.

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