Republican Media Conspiracy Theorists Go Nuts Over New York Times and Sarah Palin

The New York Times sent a reporter to Alaska. There must be a plot against Palin!

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By Robert Schlesinger, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

I just finished writing up a fascinating interview on conspiracy theories (it'll appear in this week's digital edition), so this tidbit from GOP12 seems particularly on target: The right-wing media-paranoical complex are getting worked up over a New York Times hit piece against Sarah Palin.

They're not apparently slowed by the fact that the piece has not been published. And may not even exist at all. But the Times is writing it, so it must be part of an anti-Palin conspiracy, right?

From GOP12:

Some of Sarah Palin's closest supporters online are beating their breasts over a New York Times reporter who, while in Alaska, asked Sarah Palin a question about her national ambitions at a press conference.

(No word on whether the Times reporter asked the question from behind a grassy knoll.)

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