Sarah Palin Stays in Alaska, out of National Spotlight

Alaska governor avoids Southern exposure.

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By Robert Schlesinger, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

I've written before that Sarah Palin needs to step out of the spotlight and focus both on being governor and boning up on national issues if she wants to be a national figure. Great minds, apparently, think alike.

From The Hill:

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) is uncharacteristically shunning the spotlight this week in an apparent effort to repair damage to her political stature back home.


Pain [ sic] took a number of hits back home, some of them from fellow Republicans, during February.

They first criticized her for flying to Washington for the white-tie Alfalfa Club dinner, headlined by President Obama.


When Palin returned, lawmakers found her husband, Todd, in contempt for refusing to testify about his role in the firing of a state trooper, and her attorney general resigned amid criticism that he protected government employees from the official Troopergate probe. And last week, state officials ordered Palin to pay $18,000 in back taxes on travel expenses she incurred while commuting between her home in Wasilla and the state capitol, Anchorage.

A good start. According to the article, her approval ratings remain in the 60s, twice her disapproval. "She has a very large and solid loyal base, and it's going to take a volcano eruption to make a severe change," Anchorage pollster Ivan Moore told The Hill.

Now, she needs to stay off stage for a while and learn policy.

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