Where's the Criticism of the Permanent Barack Obama Campaign? Clinton Got It, and Bush Too

Perhaps 16 years later we're used to it.


By Robert Schlesinger, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

I don't as a general rule go in for the liberal media conspiracy meme (unlike, say, Sam), but I am struck at the coverage regarding Organizing for America, the campaign-style effort (first reported, incidentally, in Washington Whispers by my colleague Paul Bedard when it was called Obama 2.0) housed in the DNC and aimed at maintaining the grass-roots movement that swept Obama into White House. Bill Clinton, and to a lesser extent George W. Bush, were criticized for establishing a permanent campaign mentality in the White House. Not so much Obama. I suspect that it's because 16 years later we're used to it; and it may be that once we get more than a week into the Obama administration, criticism of the White House's grass-roots campaign arm will increase. But at the moment the silence is striking.

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